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England x Reader: Welcome Home
Scenario: You spent a semester abroad in London, where you met and fell for Arthur Kirkland. Several months after that semester you had finally earned enough money to return for a visit. You and your best friend decided to go on the trip together. However, the two of you decided to spend the first few days of your trip in France before heading over to London...
It never occurred to you when you first got back to London that Arthur might be mad at you until (Best friend) said something about it. Try as you might, you kept getting lost on the way to the hostel, and then again when you took a bus in the wrong direction and ended up taking you way too far north. It wasn’t until then that (best friend) said, “Man, Arthur must be pretty mad at you.”
“What? Why?”
“Because you've been hanging out with Francis these last few days.”
“Oh...” Suddenly recalling his enduring hatred for the Frenchman, the confusion of an ent
:iconkatiejobagles:katiejobagles 14 2
France x Reader - Hear My Heart
You gently ran your fingers through Francis’ soft blond locks, a smile pulling at your lips when you heard the Frenchman’s content sighs that came with your soothing touch.
At the moment you found yourself in Francis’ house, seated casually on the couch while Francis sat on the floor directly in front of you with his back turned. His head rested comfortably between your legs, a clear invitation that Francis wanted his hair to be played with – after all, it was something he enjoyed quite thoroughly, especially when it was you doing it.
Je t’aime, _____.” His words were a mere whisper, just barely breaking the silence as he leaned against your touch. “I love you.”
Those words alone were enough to make heat rise to your cheeks, and focusing your gaze on your fingers, you gulped before trying to reply without stuttering. “…I love you too, Francis.”
Words didn’t seem to be enough for the Frenchman as Franc
:iconaproudhetalian:AProudHetalian 402 59
Full - Levi x Reader
You shivered and wrapped your Scouting Legion cloak more tightly around your shoulders. You weren't sure what was more the cause of your sudden discomfort - the cold November air that inevitably seeped its way into the HQ, or the echo caused by your footfalls in the stone dormitory hallway. Normally, you wouldn't mind the quiet. Between the new recruits you train daily and the seemingly endless stream of tasks you receive from Irvin, you would relish the few moments of peace you could manage to find. Tonight, though, the quiet only served as a painful reminder to the many previously-occupied dorm rooms that now were empty.
You passed one of these rooms, and stopped short, your eyes glued to the wooden door. You recognized this one as belonging to Erd Gin. He was one of four members of Squad Levi, and one of the most capable scouts in the Legion. He was an amazing fighter and had a titan kill record to rival your own, and was growing to be an excellent leader. He seemed like a genuinely
:icongriiffn:griiffn 1,171 188
Jareth a la GND - Background by tarastarr1 Jareth a la GND - Background :icontarastarr1:tarastarr1 846 39 Stella Luna Knot by Qiu-Ling Stella Luna Knot :iconqiu-ling:Qiu-Ling 42 13 tambour by arcanoide tambour :iconarcanoide:arcanoide 14 14 The Dragon Sword by Achiru-et-al The Dragon Sword :iconachiru-et-al:Achiru-et-al 148 16 Kish's Fourth Plan: Gentleman? by polycon Kish's Fourth Plan: Gentleman? :iconpolycon:polycon 235 139 It's not yet time.... by 253421 It's not yet time.... :icon253421:253421 437 0 Celtic Knot 4 by FlameoftheWest7 Celtic Knot 4 :iconflameofthewest7:FlameoftheWest7 162 13 Radial Knot by ElCasiegno Radial Knot :iconelcasiegno:ElCasiegno 5 4 Multi Radial Knot by ElCasiegno Multi Radial Knot :iconelcasiegno:ElCasiegno 6 1 Catknot by puimun Catknot :iconpuimun:puimun 901 107 knot by bjbrizee7 knot :iconbjbrizee7:bjbrizee7 2 1 one helluva knot by abrakadabra one helluva knot :iconabrakadabra:abrakadabra 3 3 seaweed knot thing by Yocheved seaweed knot thing :iconyocheved:Yocheved 4 7


It has occurred to me that people may come to this profile page, see the one deviation, and think "Well that's a shame, I wanted to see more". So, if that's the way you feel about it, I'll tell you a secret. I keep almost all of my unfinished (as in, I haven't fixed them up to be all shiny and clean) drawings in my scraps folder. Since they are all just doodles that I work on while at church or in a waiting room, I don't work on them very much. And I don't upload them very often either, so you can expect to see 2 to 6 "doodles" a year from me.

Also, tragically, I lost my sketchbook, so the two for the latter half of this year are lost.

Some day, when I get myself a decent image editing program, I will fix these up to be actual deviations. But until then, you're just going to have to settle for the raws.


United States


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